The Voice: Turning Up The Volume

The Voice: The Disturbing Silence

The Voice: Is That You God?

The Voice: When God Whispers

The Voice: Learning to Listen


Turning Up the Volume
03/30/14 - Dr. Keith Shorter
Text: Psalm 119:24
Big Idea: "The more devoted you become to learning and living God's Word, the more you will sense His voice."


The Disturbing Silence

03/23/14 - Dr. Keith Shorter
Text: Psalm 22:1-2
Big Idea: "Why does God seem distant and silent sometimes when we need Him the most?"


Is That You God?

03/16/14 - Dr. Keith Shorter
Text: John 10
Big Idea: "How do you know if God is speaking, or if it is Satan, or your own imaginations?"


When God Whispers
03/02/14 - Dr. Keith Shorter
Text: 1 Kings 19
Big Idea: "The same God who is all-powerful, is also relational and near. He is so close that He sometimes whispers."


Learning to Listen
02/23/14 - Dr. Keith Shorter
Text: 1 Samuel 3
Big Idea: "God is not silent or speechless. He speaks to us, but we have to learn to listen."