Student Life @ the Beach 2016 | June 28-July 2

Set Apart 2
Student Life @ the Beach is a chance for Students to get away and experience community, worship,
and fun activities. This year we will be in Orange Beach, AL. Eric Mason will be speaking and Unhindered
will be the leading band. The approximate cost for Student Life is $350 to $450 depending on how 
many people come. Please contact Eric Marvin if you are worried about the price. We will do everything 
we can to help get your student to the beach.

Click the link to sign up for Student Life @ the Beach: Student Life @ the Beach 2016

Text Eric Marvin if you have questions about Student Life at (512) 534-8677

Mission Cleveland 2016 | June 10-17

Cleveland 2016
Mission Cleveland is a chance for students to live out their faith in real and practical ways. We will be
partnering with our church plane, Gateway Old Brooklyn, to help them share the Gospel with people in
the Cleveland area. The approximate cost this year will be $300. If you would like to go to Cleveland
but are worried about the price please contact Eric Marvin.

Click the link to sign up for Cleveland: Mission Cleveland 2016 Sign Up

Text Eric Marvin if you have questions about Mission Cleveland at (512) 534-8677

DNOW 2016 | March 11-13

DNOW 2016
DNOW is a Student Ministry weekend experience like no other. Students will experience God's love and
compassion through community groups, service projects, live worship music, and relevent teaching.
Registration is now open for this event and will close on February 14. All students MUST register in that
time frame so shirts can be ordered and sleeping arrangements can be made.

Click the link to register: DNOW 2016 Registration

Text Eric Marvin if you have questions about DNOW16 at (512) 534-8677

REMIX 2016 | January 30th

REMIX 2016 Logo

REMIX is a one-day event on January 30 from 1pm to 7:30pm. Students will join together with other
students from nearby churches to play games, eat dinner and experience God through worship and teaching.
REMIX will be held at Mt. Airy Baptist Church in the Life Center. There will be NO online registration, just show up!

Text Eric Marvin if you have questions about REMIX at (512) 534-8677

Passion 2016

Passion 2016 is open to all college students and High School Seniors. For tickets visit 
Make sure you purchase a ticket for the Gwinnett Arena in ATL. Call Eric if you have questions about Passion (512) 534-8677

MASM Mission Cleveland | June 27-July 3

This summer MASM students and parents will be traveling to Cleveland, OH work to alongside our church planter, Tony Loseto, in Old Brooklyn. The students/parents will be participating in Sports Camps, yard work for neighbors, door to door visiting, homeless ministry and hispanic ministry. The cost of the trip will be $300/person. This will include everything the student will need while in Cleveland. (Students will need money for four meals total while traveling to and from.) A deposit of $100 is due by Sunday, February 1. To sign up drop your deposit in one of the two lock boxes at church. This trip will be first come first serve so don't wait to sign up, sign up now. For more information regarding the summer trip please email Chris at A trip meeting will be held soon. 

REALIGN Student Conference (October 17-19)

There is still time to sign up. To register click on the flyer below and print it out. The cost is $30 due by 10/12. Students will have a choice between 3 activities on Saturday afternoon. If you want to get your first choice than sign up fast. 


5th Quarter Friday After the Daniel Game!

This friday after the game MASM will be hosting a 5th quarter in the LC. There will be all the pizza you can eat plus lots of fun things to do. There will be jousting, boxing, the Wii and Xbox will be out. Basketball games and your friends. Come join us and don't forget to bring a friend.

REALIGN Student Conference (October 17-19)

On October 17-19 MASM will be participating with several local churches in a student conference. To register click on the flyer below and print out. The cost is $30 due by October 1. Students will have a choice between 3 activities on Saturday afternoon. If you want to get your first choice than sign up fast. 
(t-shirts are included in the price, as well as 1 activity, & 5 meals)

Mt Airy Student Ministries

Sunday, August 24 the students will be sharing about the trip to Rehoboth Baptist Church in Atlanta, GA in July. It was such a great experience for everybody. We saw at least 4 trust in Christ and the MASM students got some experience working hard on the mission field. Thanks to everyone who had a part, even those back home who gave financially and prayed for the team every single day.  

Celebrate Freedom Concert

Saturday, August 30 the students will be traveling to Marietta, GA for an all day event/concert. There will be all kinds of activities so it would be a great time for the family. The event is free but Chis needs to know how many want to go so we can plan for transportation. If you would like to drive please let Chris know as soon as possible. We will meet at the Life Center at 8a and will return by 11p. Visit for the line-up and more information.

Middle School VBS

WHILE INVESTIGATING QUESTIONS many people have about Jesus, students will collect and secure evidence about His life, death, and resurrection. They will examine evidence from Scripture, historical records, and biblical accounts to uncover and defend the truth about who Jesus really is.

"But honor the Messiah as Lord in your hearts. Always be ready to give a defense to anyone who asks you for a reason for the hope that is in you." 1 Peter 3:15

Click here to sign up now

HOUSE Schedule for June

June 1 - No HOUSE (LOVELOUD Service in Sanctuary)
June 8 - Special Guest (Cory Odom, REACH Ministries)
June 15 - No HOUSE  (Father’s Day)
June 22 - HOUSE (Regular Schedule)
June 29 - CaF  (Pool Party 5:30p Location TBA) 

MISSION REHOBOTH (Summer Missions)

Jesus said in Matthew 28:19, "Go therefore and make disciples of all nations..." and Mt Airy Students are working very hard this year to do just as Jesus said. We have been talking a lot lately in HOUSE and on Wednesday nights about being discipled, making disciples and helping other disciples make disciples so this summer we will get to put that very truth into practice. MASM will be spending July 28 - August 4 in Atlanta sharing the good news of Jesus Christ in hopes of making disciples that make disciples. We will be working alongside Rehoboth Baptist Church. This church is sitting in the middle of the nations. People from all over the world live within a 5 mile radius of the church. A couple of projects we will be working on while we are there will be Block Parties and Back Yard Bible Clubs in a few of the community parks. The total cost for the trip will be no more than $300. The deposit ($100) has already been turned in but we still have plenty of spots. If you or your student would like to attend please turn in your deposit as soon as possible. You can also pay online here. The second payment, $50, will be due 2/23/14. If you have more questions please feel free to call me at the church office. I will need everyone to feel out a medical form, you can print it out here.

Chris Meaders
Student Pastor

Disciple Now Weekend 3/28-3/30 - SIGN UP NOW!

D-Now is our in-town weekend retreat for middle and high school students. It includes main sessions (with guest speaker and band), in-home Bible studies led by young adults, service projects, recreation, parties and more! Click here to REGISTER online. The cost is $35 and you can PAY online by clicking here. You can also place your money in one of the two lock boxes located in the office area or in the lobby of the LC. For the schedule and a list of items to bring click here.

Theme: "UNLEASHED" - Far too often in life we plan out every detail of where we want to go and what we want to accomplish in a worldly since but fail to plan spiritually. And what ends up happening is that we just sit back and hope that our spiritual life and where God takes us will just fall into place.  Because of this trend far too many students never reach their full potential spiritually and the world around us suffers for it.  Unleashed is designed to help students get a vision for where God is taking them and calling them to passionately pursue that vision.  Through this study we believe the power of God that resides inside them will truly be unleashed and our world will change.  

Wednesday Nights

This Wednesday night we will have our second night of the Follow Me simulcast by Pastor David Platt.  Platt is challenging us as Christians to evalute if we are truly following Christ.  It is going to be a great message so we encourage all to be there--in the LC at 6:30!

The following Wednesdays (18th and 25th), we will have our crusade blitz!  We will be going out into the community and handing out flyers inviting people to come to a huge community event on September 29th.  We would love for all students to be here and help tell people about this incredible outreach event we have coming up!

Another new year!

Who is ready for another new school year??  As students begin another year of school, we begin another new year with Mt. Airy Student Ministry.  We have some incredible things happening this year that we are very excited about.  To start off, we are having a promotion kick-off this Sunday morning, September 1st, in the choir room!  All students from 6th-college will be included.  There wil be breakfast, fellowship, and some time talking about this upcoming year and what God has in store for us at MASM.  It will be an awesome time to build relationships with your BSF class.

Also, for the next two weeks on Wednesday nights at 6:30, we will be watching a simulcast from David Platt about what it really means to be a follower of Christ.  It will be a great time of teaching & hope that you all will be able to come!  

We are also having HOUSE on Sunday nights at 6pm in the LC, going through a series on God's kingdom.

Congrats to all 2013 MASM Grads!

I would like to personally congratulate all of our grads this year. I know it has gone by so fast, but that it also has been some hard years. Along with all of your hard work in school I'm sure life has brought its fair share of trials. But you have done it and the best is yet to come.

"Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight." If you can learn to follow this command early in life then I know your life will be a huge success. Congrats!

High School: Leanne Boll, Isaac Bowen, Adam Callaham, Ben Capell, Britney Fernandez, Hunter Kuykendall, Kadison Leaphart, Logan McFall, Colin Pate, Devon Roberson, Jonathan Shorter, Michael Stone, Tyler West, Rachel Wyatt College: Allison Bridges, Danielle Herring, Amber Manley, Jenny Pate, Lauren Shorter, Kayla Stephen

DNOW13 - The Best Weekend Ever!

WOW! That was a great weekend. Thanks to Will Snipes and Charlee Buitrago for leading us on Friday and Saturday. So many lives were changed because of the power of God. I spoke with a few of the students who felt God moving in their heart and I really believe God is up to something in our students. Please continue to pray for them to be the best witnesses that God would have them to be. Thank you if you had some part in it, big or small, it was a huge help.

Also be aware that we have a couple of important meetings coming up this Sunday and next. Both are set for 5p in the LC upstairs. This week (4/21) is the info meeting for both Student Life camps (Middle and High School) and next week (4/28) is the info meeting for Costa Rica. Please mark your calendars and plan on being there if you are signed up to go on either or both trips.

**This Sunday we are having a spontaneous CaF after HOUSE at the Boll's house. We will get everyone going over there but you will need to pick them up from the Boll's home. Try and bring a small dessert to share with everyone and we will provide hot dogs to cook in the bonfire. Hope to see you there.

Concert tickets for sale. ($12) Kristian Stanfill will be in concert on Thursday, April 25 at 8pm in Tillman Hall at Clemson University. If you or your student is interested please turn in your money Sunday to reserve a ticket. (Drivers always appreciated.) We will leave the church around 6p to eat supper before the concert.


Disciple Now Weekend is just around the corner and you need to know a few things. First of all you need to know that we will open the doors at 7p. No earlier and no later. The adults will be having a special prayer time before so don't leave your students on the door step. Also make sure you check out the list of things to bring. It is very important that you bring some snacks to share with your friends and maybe even your Youth Pastor.  I need everyone who is attending to fill out this form and bring it with you Friday because on Saturday we will be traveling to Downtown Greenville for a little fun time with our groups. The adults will be driving your students and will be with the teens the whole time we are down there. Once they have arrived at downtown the students and adults will be walking. 

**Click here for Schedule & List of things to bring**

Medical Form (bring this Friday to Check-in)

DNOW 2013

April 12-14
Disciple Now (or D-Now) is essentially an in-home weekend retreat for 6th – 12th grade students. The distinctive trait separating it from other retreats is that youth groups do not load up and head off to a secluded getaway for the weekend; instead, they pile into the homes of church members. The idea behind Disciple Now is to gather teenagers in their own environment, creating community by strengthening friendships through shared experiences and maturing them spiritually through focused discipleship. Students get steady exposure to God’s Word, interacting with it in various ways throughout the weekend. The non-stop time spent together encourages teenagers to open up, getting “real” with each other and with leaders over the course of the weekend.

The cost will include: food, t-shirt, bible study materials and mission project materials.


MASM Shake

Johnny is in to End It!

Check out what REVEAL is all about here. Hope you can make it Saturday (2/23)