Passion Conference 2017 | January 2-4

Set Apart 2

Passion 2017 is for college age students and high school seniors. Tickets are currently $149
through 10.01.16. You will also need to cover part of your hotel costs. Please purchase your
ticket and then inform Eric Marvin so hotels can be booked. You can purchase your ticket
by clicking HERE.

Text Eric Marvin if you have questions about Passion 2017 at (512) 534-8677

GO Conference 2016 | October 22-23

Set Apart 2

Mt. Airy Baptist Church will be hosting a GO Conference this fall with our international mission partners.
In addition to attending the conference with the church, MA Students will be meeting early for lunch,
having a "student only" session, attending a fun activity, and spending the night at the church with leaders.
Mark your calendars for this event! More information will be coming soon!

Text Eric Marvin if you have questions about GO Conference at (512) 534-8677